Our Mission

Insurance penetration has improved in the past in other parts of the world, Africa is unique. Despite having close to 16% of the global population, the current insurance penetration in Africa is about 3.6%. South Africa leads with 17%, Kenya has a penetration of about 2.9% and in fact, It is followed by Rwanda at 1.7%, Nigeria at about 0.8%, and Tanzania at about 0.7%.

We set out on a journey early this year to start to script these narratives with brilliant, divergent and creative minds promoting insurance coverage and penetration via technology. We hereby introduce to you our podcast series- “Africa InsurTech Rising”. We commenced this series because we are enthusiastic about creating a platform where we can script our own narratives by sharing our stories with Africa and the global community.

Our Mission is…

"To propagate the unique African narratives in her pursuit for insurance penetration and inclusion by showcasing our resilient and innovative strides to the rest of the world"
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